Church Library

Discover books, CDs, and videos for a fulfilling journey of spiritual growth and enjoyment.


The library is open on Sunday during the Sunday School hour and closes after the service.

The library is also open on Wednesday evenings during the AWANA year.


The library boasts an extensive collection catering to all age groups, with a diverse range of books for both children and adults. Additionally, our offerings include a wide selection of videos and CDs, providing a comprehensive multimedia experience for our patrons.

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Access and Activities

The library is open to all Bethesda attendees, providing a welcoming space. Enjoy borrowing items for two weeks and participate in Reading Challenges throughout the year to promote library engagement and a love for reading in our church.

Library Volunteers

Meet our library team! Judy Wipf, the Head Librarian, oversees operations. For assistance, reach out to Joy Arhart and Jodene Decker, both ready to enhance your library experience. Approach any of them for guidance or support during your visit.